About Us

Everyone dreams about owning their own home some day. With us, you can take one step closer to making that dream a reality!

HS-MDT/Home Solutions has been active in the property development market in Trinidad for over fifteen years. During this time they have successfully completed large scale projects in Port of Spain, Central and South Trinidad bringing to the market over 1200 units and making a name for themselves in the middle income residential housing sector.

The Home Solutions model is a complete one with design, sales, marketing and project management all under one roof. This enables the company to deliver quality housing with full involvement in all aspects of the development process including direct contact with their clients, many of whom have chosen to invest in consecutive Home Solutions projects.

Over the last ten years the company has successfully met the challenges of a sometimes unpredictable sales and construction landscape. Their vision and commitment has ensured that they bring their projects to completion within budget and on time and improve year after year on their design and production efficiencies.

This dedication to the development process is what Home Solutions thrives on and assures their clients that they will continue to deliver innovative and well designed homes while at the same time building new communities.